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NATTT - Not Another Time Tracking Tool

We think that there are too many cluttered time tracking apps out there. See what makes NATTT different und how it can help you track time spent without any timers.

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No timers you have to start and stop. No complex task creation dialogs. Just say what you are doing. It’s that simple. NATTT is your tracking mate. It helps you keep track of your work and time you have spent.

Screenshot of NATTT


In our opinion most of the time tracking apps out there are way to complex and full of features you don’t need. For example:

  • Timers: I really do not need an accuracy down to seconds or minutes. And therefore there is no need for a timer I have to start and stop and eventually forget to start or stop. If I split up my day in hourly intervals it would be precise enough for me.
  • Complex creation: If I would like to quickly track my work, I don’t want to go through complex creation dialogs first. I don’t want to setup a project first, then a task and after that I can actually track my time on that task / project.
  • Reminder: An app should support me and I don’t want to remind myself to track the time. There’s a great chance that I forget to track my work and postpone the time tracking until I actually forget what I was doing.

Screenshot of NATTT


So the main idea was to create a simple and easy to use time tracking app which is also fun to use and is available on every platform, including desktop and mobile. And that is exactly what NATTT is.

NATTT only consists of two main screens:

  • Daily view: On the daily view you just select existing tasks or create new tasks to track your work for this specific day. The most used tasks are always on top and if you select a task, it will add one or more hours of it to the day. On task creation you can also define a project this task is assigned to. The project can be used in the calendar view to filter your trackings.
  • Calendar view: The calendar view is an overview of your monthly work. You see at a glance which days you have worked for 100% or less. You can also filter based on your projects and of course export this data to use it for invoicing or other reports.

NATTT is an Angular application using Electron and Cordova to export applications for all devices and OS’s. Feel free to try it and leave a comment or feedback on what you think:

Screenshot of NATTT

Timo Korinth
Timo Korinth August 10, 2020

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