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From idea to shipped product

Who we are

We love to bring products to life. Our team consists of experts in user experience, project management and frontend development.

We are experienced mentors and pay special attention to strong communication skills.

How we work

We believe in user-centric design thinking and value user benefits over strict processes.

We sure know how to close tickets but we constantly challenge the development process to be more lean and goal-oriented.

Our mission

Our main motivator is to see our products in the hands of real users. Nothing is more important to us than user feedback, even early in development.

Our goal is to get a minimal viable product (MVP) out as soon as possible.

Previously at ShipBit...

Super 8

Tobi joins ShipBit

Light, Camera, Action! Prepare for the new season, as Tobi joins the cast.

Batcave 2.0

ShipBit rents a new office

ShipBit rents a new office in the downtown of Dortmund.

Six Developers & One Designer

Chris joins ShipBit

We have always made pretty things, but imagine what we can do with a real designer!

We keep growing

Robert joins ShipBit

Robert has known us for a long time and finally found his way back to us.

Support the youth

Jimmy joins ShipBit

ShipBit is student Jimmy's dream come true as an employer and he brings new skills and energy to the mix as first Junior Developer.

Four kings

Oliver joins ShipBit

Oliver knows everyone from the ShipBit crew from the past and decides to join the company.

Move into the batcave

ShipBit rents a bigger full-time office

More people need more space and the team really likes Fridays on site. We decide to rent a more luxurious full-time office at the Ellipson.

Army of three

Kingsley joins ShipBit

Kingsley has been very interested in ShipBit from the beginning, and when the time comes, he gladly joins his former colleagues.

First office

ShipBit rents the first office

ShipBit rents the first office at the Ellipson for four days per month.

First employee

Simon joins ShipBit

Simon knew it would happen one day, and when it finally does, he signs on immediately.

Website launch
09/2020 is released

Even before his official start, Simon ships the first version of the ShipBit website.

The beginning

Timo registers ShipBit UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

After several successful years as freelancer, Timo decides to finally start his own business.

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