Developing User Experience that is actually shipped.

A bad product is one that is not in the hands of your users. We've seen so many projects fail before they even get off the ground. That's why we've made it our mission to develop and deliver software as fast as possible and iterate on the results.

Everyone talks about a minimal viable product.
We live it.

Who we are

ShipBit is based in Dortmund, NRW (Germany) and we have a cozy office in the famous Ellipson building but we have considered ourselves a remote-first company even before the pandemic.

We have a well-established team of developers with different backgrounds and all met each other in previous projects, stayed friends and finally decided to build something of our own.

We believe that communication is the key to a successful cooperation with you and your users. That's why we are not only familiar with different tech stacks, but also take a strong position in discussions and make bold decisions in all our projects.

Timo Korinth
Simon Hopstätter
Kingsley Owusu-Sekyere
Oliver Küchen
Jimmy Lam
Robert Schiller
Christopher Brook
Tobias Dobbrunz

What we offer

We are veterans in our fields with years of experience as tech leads in startups, corporations and passion projects. We offer a wide variety of services with a strong focus on UX-driven development and fast delivery times.

We don't waste time on complex processes or money on overhead, instead we focus on developing pragmatic and high quality solutions for your needs.

Project size does not matter to us. We can strengthen your development teams in large scale projects as external developers, kickstart your greenfield ideas to a minimal viable product or take over the entire technical development of your personal pet project.

A keyboard, Oculus controllers and other tech gear placed on a wooden desk

Frontend Development

Attractive and intuitive user interfaces

User Experience

User-centered development approach

App Development

Software ready for the App Store

VR & AR Development

Rethinking ways to engage people

Game Development

Fun is key for users and developers

Workshops & Consulting

We like to share what we know

What we do

We help you develop stunning user experiences on any platform by complementing or training your development team.

We are experienced project managers and know how to plan and implement software projects from start to finish.

We love front-end development and creative ideas. That's why we're always on the looking for brave and interesting projects - whether they're small or large.

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What we deal with

We regularly encounter interesting problems and find elegant solutions for them. Transparency and knowledge transfer are important to us and that's why we like to share our experiences with other developers.

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