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Timo Korinth Timo Korinth Founder & CEO

Timo is an Angular enthusiast, professional coach and conference speaker. He has always been our team leader, is up for tough management decisions, being a very capable PO/PM and has a great eye for visual design in both 2D and 3D.

Timo is a proud father of two and can apparently do without sleep. His heart beats for the local soccer club Borussia Dortmund.

Simon Hopstätter Simon Hopstätter Chief Technology Officer

Simon has experience with various frontend and web development frameworks, is ShipBit's DevOps officer and a cunning wordsmith. He is a quick and thorough learner who never stops trying something new.

He enjoys spending time with his daughter and is a fan of his hometown club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Kingsley Owusu-Sekyere Kingsley Owusu-Sekyere Senior Software Engineer

Kingsley started out developing .NET clients and then became the lead web developer on numerous projects. We jokingly call him RxKingsley or ngKingsley because he is a truly exceptional programmer in his field.

Besides his passion for frameworks and modularity, he enjoys the anime culture almost as much as being a lvl3 paladin wielding a Sword of Intelligence +2.

Oliver Küchen Oliver Küchen Senior Software Engineer

Oliver has wandered through various branches of the software industry. Most of his life he has worked on his own frameworks, components and even whole engines. Maybe someday he will build his own operating system or a groundbreaking PC architecture.

You can usually find Oliver in front of a console or his PC playing new games. He tries to avoid daylight as much as possible.

Jimmy Lam Jimmy Lam Junior Software Engineer

Jimmy is an aspiring developer specializing in Unity and VR. As our newest member, he is here to absorb knowledge and wisdom and shake up the old hands.

Outside of office hours, you can usually find him binging anime or leading his raid parties to success as Vanguard.

Robert Schiller Robert Schiller Senior Software Engineer

Robert has worked on several application frameworks and enterprise applications in his lifetime and knows .NET like the back of his hand. Currently he has ambitions in web development.

In the evenings he binges series with his girlfriend or likes to dive into an MMORPG world.

Christopher Brook Christopher Brook Senior UX/UI Designer

As a user experience designer, Chris has been able to significantly improve the usability of a wide variety of software projects over the years. He burns for fancy and useful interface designs as well as for a perfect user experience.

In his spare time, he enjoys digital or analog art, plays video games or reads the next Sci-Fi or fantasy novel.

* Charts show personal focus & interest, not skill

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