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Wingman AI Is going to change your gaming experience forever

Wingman AI allows you to use your voice to talk to various AI providers and LLMs, process your conversations, and ultimately trigger actions such as pressing buttons or reading answers. Our Wingmen are like characters and your interface to this world, and you can easily control their behavior and characteristics, even if you're not a developer.
Wingman AI

Is Wingman AI FREE?

Wingman AI is free to use. Even better: It's Open Source. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

BUT... If you want to unlock the full potential of Wingman AI, you need to have an OpenAI API key. Some of our Wingmen use OpenAI's APIs and they charge by usage. This means: You don't pay a flat subscription fee, but rather for each call you make to their APIs. You can find more information about the APIs and their pricing on the OpenAI website.


Works in every game or application

Star Citizen is just the first example.

Multiple AI Wingmen

Define and Talk to multiple "characters". You can even create your own wingman.

Define Commands

Create your own list of keybindings or even create chains of Hotkeys to simplify your tasks.

Automatic calling

Commands will be called by the AI. No need to memorize exact commnds. Let the AI decide when to call which command for you.

Instant Commands

But you can have instant commands, which will skip the AI for command execution. With your own activation phrases and responses

Audio Effects

Choose from different audio effects for an even better immersion.


Talk to your Wingman in your language and get answers in the same language.

Fully customizable

Configure and change everything to your liking.

Open Source

Code is open source on GitHub and you can implement your very own wingmen.

What is this all about?

AI is complex and it scares people. It's also not 'just ChatGPT'. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. That's what Wingman AI is all about. It's a framework that allows you to build your own Wingmen and use them in your games and programs.

Wingman AI is an external, universal tool that you can run alongside any game or program. As such, it does not currently interact directly with Star Citizen or any other game, other than its ability to trigger system-wide keystrokes, which of course can have an effect on the game.
The idea is simple, but the possibilities are endless. For example, you could:
  • Role play with an AI while playing for more immersion. Have air traffic control (ATC) in Star Citizen or Flight Simulator. Talk to Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3 and have her respond in her own (cloned) voice.
  • Get live data such as trade information, build guides, or wiki content and have it read to you in-game by a character and voice you control.
  • Execute keystrokes in games/applications and create complex macros. Trigger them in natural conversations with no need for exact phrases. The AI understands the context of your dialog and is quite smart in recognizing your intent. Say "It's raining! I can't see a thing!" and have it trigger a command you simply named WipeVisors.
  • Automate tasks on your computer
  • improve accessibility
  • ... and much more


We are constantly working with the community on new features and improvements. Here is a small selection of what we are currently working on:

UEX Corp Wingman

A SC wingman that uses the UEX Corp API for detailed trading and route data. A community project run by @JayMatthew and @Midge(meMidgety)


Free Wingman

A wingman for instant commands that uses only free tools. No API key required.


TheEye Wingman

A very sophisticated Wingman using OpenCV locally to detect and process screen information in SC. Developed by community member @EagleOne


Voice Activation

A way to communicate with your wingmen, without pressing any push-to-talk buttons.


Config changes using the GUI

We know that editing the config file is not very user friendly. But it takes some time.


Vision AI

Integrate OpenAI's Vision AI to make your Wingman see what you are seeing.


... a lot more to come

We have a lot of ideas and are looking forward to your feedback. With your help, we will make Wingman AI the best tool for you.

Contact us with your request!

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