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Svane - Your flag in the Tailwind Open Source Dev Experience, 2023

Svane - Your flag in the Tailwind Hero image

Are you a Svelte developer who likes to work with Tailwind? Then you probably know the problem that during the styling phase you constantly have to test different viewports to see how your design behaves. You probably end up tugging at your browser window trying to hit the exact “breakpoint”.

With Svane, you’ll see a little bar during this process that tells you exactly which viewport you’re in and “how far” it is to the next smaller or larger screen.

Svane automatically reads your tailwind.config.js file to detect the configured viewports. The bar disappears automatically after a short delay, or you can show it permanently with a keyboard shortcut (Shift+T).

Svane is a simple open source component without dependencies. You can simply add it to your project and get started.

Check out our Github repository to learn more!

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